Catching up with... Tracey K

Who Are You?

I'm Tracey K.

I'm from Ireland and I write songs and I sing them. Mostly House music.

I walk fast and I eat slow.

What Have You Done?

Been making music a couple of years now - mostly with Fish Go Deep [producers based in Cork, Ireland].

I'd be most known for singing/writing The Cure and the Cause [again with Fish Go Deep], which Dennis Ferrer remixed - that came out on Defected last year. Also released a little gem called 'Nights Like These' on Inspirit a few years back, then an album with Fish Go Deep called Lil' Hand in 2005 - although we only pressed up a couple of 100 copies of that. That album was kinda half housey, half...something other.

Where Are You Going?

Well, at the moment I'm cultivating creativity as I'm writing a new album with Fish Go Deep - that will come out on Defected later this year. The next single off the album will probably be a song called 'Battery Man' but I don't have a release date for that yet sorry. I'd love if it was out for the summer but here we are and it's June already! As well as my work with Fish Go Deep im collaborating with King Britt on a project called Angels, and I have another few projects coming up which I cant talk about just yet. As well as that I'll be working on a live show for next year - cannot wait. After that..who knows.

Can We Stay In Touch?

Yes please.

thank you!