Catching Up with... Rasmus Faber

Who Are You?

Well, my background is that of a musician, a jazz pianist, arranger, and composer. I am still those things, however I am now combining them with producing and djing for the past years. Been doing house music with a latin/soul feel to it for the last 5 years or so. I just turned 28, so not so young anymore ;)

What have You done?

I guess I've done a few tracks and remixes that people enjoy, hopefully, such as Ever After, Get Over Here, Never Felt So Fly, Divided/United, Come With Me, and my newest one, Demanda. On the remix front I've been remixing Miguel Migs, Jay-J, Junior Jack, Reel People, and more..

Still striving to write the perfect song, and to renew myself. I care a lot about not stagnating, and I hope people will follow my musical paths, as that is what keeps me going really.

I've run Farplane Records now for a couple of years, and see a lot of fun stuff on the label side now, even though I am very much putting my focus on creating new music.

Where Are You Going?

I think I'm not alone in saying the last few years has been a bit confusing in the house scene, and a lot of producers, including myself, has struggled to redfine themself in the new times. Something that I reckon to be quite scary but also very healthy. For me the last few years of djing has given me a new perspective on things, as well as letting me indulge even more in the musical/organic side when I'm not touring. You might say the future for me is divided into 2 parts. One being sort of a newfound love for house music, with some projects with new sounds and styles on the way, daring to take things to a bit more dancefloor friendly space.

On the other hand, I am working on my first artist album, which will not be house at all. It will not even be the "house album- spinoffs" such as soul, funk or acid jazz, but rather something towards the orchestral side, with some latin and country music influences. Sounds confusing to you? To me too! ;)

Can We Stay In Touch?

My regular website is under construction at the moment, but my Myspace holds a lot of info, with lots of track to listen to

Also, the myspace for Farplane Records has a lot of info, and more insight in the labels releases: